Life is a gun. Perfectly smooth on the inside, impossibly straight. And the bullets... the bullets are you. You get shot forward when you are born, and the only question is which way you'll aim yourself.


Two girls, two different childhoods: one has grown up in California under Reagan, the other on Tyneside under Thatcher. This is a journey of a 'special relationship': the similarities underneath the differences between two childhoods in two countries. How far does this relationship entwine and how far are we prepared to go? Sit down in class and learn about duty, disillusionment and deliverance? Well, that's up to you....

A double bill with Margaret's Anatomy. See the videos:


At the Ivy Arts Centre, Guildford on Wednesday 17 December 2014.
At the ARC in Stockton-on-Tees on Thursday 5 June 2014.